Pradeep Mallick, an executive coach and mentor to corporate executives, focuses on leadership development. Pradeep's one-on-one interaction with his mentees helps them attain major goals in their life.

Mentoring for him is a `Transfer of Experiential Learnings`, a process by which an individual learns from someone who has worn the same shoes and travelled the same path, someone metaphorically older and wiser. He holds up a mirror for the mentee to see his/her beauty spots and warts too.

Through his articles on mentoring, Pradeep throws light on the role of a mentor in improving the quality of talented people in an organization.

Not many know that Pradeep is a multi-linguist. Apart from Punjabi, Hindi and English, he can also converse in Bengali, French, German and Tamil.

Pradeep helped to establish the Finnish Company Wartsila in India, and led it as the Managing Director for 15 years. He was conferred Knight First Class of the Order of The White Rose of Finland by the President of Finland.